Verizon Chooses FirstDown PlayBook!
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 10, 2015




FirstDown PlayBook is certainly not a secret any more. Heck, even the phone companies are taking notice. Verizon has chosen the FirstDown PlayBook DropBack app as one of it’s favorites for the new Verizon App Finder store.



“99% of cool apps are buried in the app stores.”




The premise of the new Verizon app store is that most of the cool apps are buried in the app stores by the pure volume of apps out there on the market. They will get no argument from us on that one.

The FirstDown PlayBook DropBack app is our legacy app. We released it back in 2012 and it has since become extremely popular with 7 on 7 teams across the country. We received this email just two days ago:

“Thanks, firstdown playbook has helped a lot with my 7 on 7 instruction. The plays are almost impossible to stop. But it sure keeps my defense on its toes.”

Of course most of you know that we now have a full blown website that addresses every phase of football but for you 7 on 7 guys out there the FirstDown PlayBook DropBack app is still hard to beat.

Thanks to Verizon for noticing!

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