Version 1.3.0 Release Notes, FirstDown PlayBook™ Dropback
By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 9, 2012

FirstDown PlayBook™ Dropback
Version 1.3.0 Release Notes
Release date: August 10, 2012

We are pleased to bring to our growing user base some information and functional enhancements to the FirstDown PlayBook™ Dropback passing App.

Note1: Although this release will impact new and existing users, please note that “new” users can disregard the notes below pertaining to the Favorites feature redesign, item 2.

Note2: In this post, we added the word Dropback to the product name. This allows us to depict that this App is focused on the drop-back passing game and therefore not intended to provide end users with play-action passes, run plays, or defensive views. Of course, we hope to add these play types later, but we’ve received feedback that suggests additional clarity is needed. Over time, visitors to our website and users of the App will see this name modification in other ways. Example.

What’s New:
1. Added “information pages” to FREE App version.
2. Redesigned process to add play(s) to Playbook(s). This function can now be done directly from the Actions menu while viewing a play, bypassing Favorites feature.
3. Added Account Registration option to improve customer communications and track League and School affiliations.
4. Added feature to ‘Remove From All Playbooks’ for a particular play from Actions menu.
5. Other minor and cosmetic changes.


We communicate regularly with our user and fan base via our website, email list, and social media outlets. However, as with any App company, our user base spans the globe – now with over fifteen countries having downloaded FirstDown PlayBook™ Dropback! – and the large volume of our user base remains unknown to us by way of contact information.

As such, we decided to include “information pages” (see Figure A) within the FREE version of the App. By doing so, those unaware of our internal communications, or those not accustomed to Apple’s “InApp Store” model for purchasing additional content, can now view important details regarding our PlayPacks. For the most part, the content on these new pages can also be viewed on our website on our PlayPacks Products Overview page.

From the PlayPack information pages, you’ll notice the menu option in the bottom middle of the screen. From here you can easily be taken directly to the InApp Store to view purchase options.

Figure A


This particular functionality modification will be noticed by ALL existing users of the App. It is VERY IMPORTANT to read through the instructions below in order to understand the change.

Below is a recap of the functional changes:
• Most importantly, ALL of your favorite plays AND existing Playbooks are safe. Upon installing this product update, your favorite plays will all be moved into a new Playbook called Favorites and your existing Playbooks will remain intact as is.
• The “Favorites” icon, formerly at the top right corner of the menu bar (star image), has been replaced with a book image. This allows the user to go directly to their playbooks list page.
• It is no longer necessary to “favorite” a play before adding the play to a Playbook(s). Instead, you can now add a play directly to one or more playbook(s). We’ve also added the ability to remove a play from ALL Playbooks. See Figure B below…

Figure B


Unlike many Apps today, this is not a game. This is serious football content designed by a Coach for coaches. It’s our plan to communicate in a periodic and professional manner with our end users. In this release we’ve added the ability for you to register an account with us; this capability already exists via our website Contact page and from our Facebook page. There are a number of benefits to letting us know who you are. Listed below are just some of them:
• Receive timely but periodic communications regarding company news and product announcements. Email address and Password required. Our Privacy Policy is online.
• Provide information that allows us to align you to a particular football League or School. This aligns with our strategic growth plans through creating League and/or School affiliations. As we further develop these affiliations we hope to pass along to our end users opportunities for group discounts and/or periodic promotions.

Figure C

You will notice that creating an account is NOT mandatory. A ‘Skip’ button is readily available should you decide to not provide this information. We understand that many App users prefer this approach and we respect this decision. If you later change your mind then simply click the “Settings” icon in the top right corner and click ‘REGISTER.’

Upon registering an account with us you will receive a message indicating that an email has been sent to verify that your email is valid and that you intended to actually register your information. Please follow the instructions to finalize this step.

We truly hope that you find these program modifications both helpful and exciting. We’ve received a lot of feedback from end users since launching the App January 2012. At this time, we currently have thousands of downloads of the FREE App.

Thank you for helping us Keep the Drive Alive! Be sure to Subscribe to our Blog, and follow us via our Facebook and/or Twitter accounts.

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