Version 1.3.1 Release Notes, FirstDown PlayBook™ Dropback
By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 21, 2012

This latest App release is actually quite simple. We did the following:

  1. Updated product logo and name to reflect App content of dropback passing plays
  2. Added reference to  FirstDown PlayBook™ Youth in Settings
  3. Updated banner to reflect current play volume of over 5,000 plays

Item 1

After uploading this version you will immediately notice on your device a new product logo, as shown within this post. We simply want to follow our product branding strategy consistently as well as properly reflect the true nature of the play content in this app – dropback pass plays. The word ‘Dropback’ has also been added in appropriate places within the app following FirstDown PlayBook™.

Item 2

Our company now has two distinct products – FirstDown PlayBook™ Dropback (a native iOS App) and FirstDown PlayBook™ Youth (a Web application). Since this App already has a Youth level filter option we decided to also reference the website location to the more complete Youth application. To see this, visit Settings by clicking the gear icon and the website URL will appear below the Youth Filter setting.

Item 3

On the Home page, after initially entering the App, we simply changed the play volume reference from 2,600 plays to over 5,000 given the many enhancements since the initial launch. When you own all the PlayPacks, your drop back play library will consist of 10 Formations and over 5,000 plays.

This is a basic content and branding update to the App. We hope you’re finding value in the ability to access such a volume of professionally schemed and drawn football plays that are quick to access. We welcome App Store ratings and reviews. We also welcome your direct feedback my emailing us at info[at]firstdownapp[dot]com, or communicating with us via Facebook or Twitter. Thanks for helping us Keep the Drive Alive!

Release date: September 21, 2012

FirstDown Team