Vikings Fans Owe Josh Kline A Big Thanks
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 8, 2020

Most of us saw the last play of the Saints Vikings game on Sunday. This is the play that sent the Vikings to the championship game. Of course, the very obvious thing was that the Vikings did a good job of getting a personnel mismatch and took full advantage of it.

The Saints defensive back had little to no chance to cover the much taller Kyle Rudolph. Here are a couple of things that maybe you did not notice on this game defining football play. First, the snap was off a little bit to Kirk Cousins right hip and he almost mishandled it.

The Saints brought pressure and actually had the numbers to get to the quarterback. The free defender was coming right at (you guessed it) Cousins’ hip as he was trying to get the handle on the ball.

Do you know who Josh Kline is? We didn’t either but if you are a Vikings fan, you owe him a big thank you because he essentially blocked two Saints players just enough to allow Cousins to get this play off. If he doesn’t do this then Drew Brees makes the field one more time and then who knows?

Take A Look At The Video And See Just How Close It Was…

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