We Save Offensive Line Coaches Time
By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 24, 2019

“It’s not about the X’s and O’s. It’s about the Jimmies and Joes”

“It isn’t about the plays. It’s about the execution”

“Fundamentals and technique will always win over scheme”

Did we miss any? I’m sure we did. There are a lot of ways that football coaches like to elaborate on how it’s more important to play the game well than it is to run great plays, defensive and special teams schemes.

Usually leading the charge on this are the offensive line coaches. Offensive line coaches take great pride in the small details that make up their trade and have a great appreciation for how technique can give a less talented player a chance to be successful when playing against a better athlete.

The irony is that after all of this talk the guys who end up spending a lot of their time drawing up football plays and practice cards are offensive line coaches!

When it comes to drawing run blocking or pass protection schemes offensive line coaches spend so much time doing it instead of studying the opponent more or actually coaching their players more that it makes you wonder if those axioms we opened with at the top are not really just lip service.

Drawing football plays is not coaching. Drawing football plays is (or was) a necessary evil to help you coach better. FirstDown PlayBook has taken the play drawing off of the table with the new Draw and Edit tool.

So unless you just enjoy drawing cards so you can get away from your offensive coordinator or head coach for little while (it happens) you should watch this short video so you can spend more time coaching the Jimmies and Joes and less time drawing the X’s and O’s!


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