Welcome Southern California Football Coaches!
By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 7, 2020

At this point, FirstDown PlayBook is a global football playbook company. That much has been documented here and elsewhere pretty frequently. The ability to reach every corner of the world is very important to us.

Another thing that is important to us is where a large number of our coaches come from. Well, California is right at the top of that list. This has been true for some time now. Some of it is pure population size, but that doesn’t tell the complete story.

There is also a long, strong history of playing the game year-round on the west coast. That has only become increasingly true with the explosion of 7on7 and flag football. When FirstDown PlayBook first hit the scene as a passing game app a long time ago, California was one of the first states to be all over it.

For all of these reasons and many more, we are extremely pumped to announce that we are now working with the football coaches from Southern California Football Coaches Association to bring this group discounts on FirstDown PlayBook. We are very happy to get the chance to work with this group and to continue to grow during 2020 and beyond!

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