West Virginia Stole Our 4v4 Flag Football Play!
By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 16, 2018

Okay, okay, we are only kidding. Kind of. As you know FirstDown PlayBook is always on the prowl for new and innovative football plays so that we can present them to you. By presenting them to you we mean that we draw them up and not just chat about them like some folks do.

What’s interesting to us is that from time to time we will find a football play that grabs our attention and as we proceed to draw it up we realize that we already have a version off that play in FirstDown PlayBook. This happened to us just yesterday as we were reading an article by ESPN where Matt Bowen had picked out eight college plays that he thought were innovative and should be run at the NFL level.

Matt does good work and we remember our time with him at the Buffalo Bills so we took a look at the plays he had chosen. The very first football play that we saw was a brilliantly designed post wheel pass concept that came off of the Jet Sweep. The West Virginia Mountaineers pulled it off against Baylor earlier this season to perfection.

As we began to draw the West Virginia play up we suddenly realized that it was very similar to a play that we had in our 4v4 flag football section. We approached the play a little differently because in flag football you have no pass protection like you do in tackle football but as you will see in the short video we have for you today it is pretty much the same football play.

We point out all the time here at FirstDown PlayBook that there are a lot more similarities with flag football and tackle football than there are differences so this was just one more example. Not to worry though, if you are one of our tackle coaches, because we will draw up the West Virginia touchdown for you also! If you are a FirstDown PlayBook coach keep your head on a swivel for that one and others this weekend.


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