What Kind Of Account Do I Have Coach?
By FirstDown PlayBook on May 27, 2020

It’s no secret that we do a lot around here at FirstDown PlayBook. If you coach the greatest game ever played then our goal is to help you do it. We have plans to help you as an individual football coach or if you are part of a team or organization.

As more and more high school and college coaches are understanding just how much time we save them with a “Program” account the word is certainly getting around. Along with that comes questions and today we want to answer some of them.

A FirstDown PlayBook Individual account allows one coach access to the website at a time under one email address:

FirstDown PlayBook has three types of “Individual’ accounts:

  1. Flag Football: Flag Only
  2. Youth & Varsity: Youth & Varsity Offense/Defense/Special Teams
  3. Premium: Youth & Varsity & Flag

A FirstDown PlayBook Program account allows a coach or program to put the entire coaching staff, team and feeder programs on the account. Although not always, a “Program” account is normally designed for a high school, college or NFL program.

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