Why We Draw Screens Like Run Plays
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 9, 2019

We ask offensive linemen to do a lot of things during the course of a football game. We obviously want them to be physical and knock people off the ball or get movement at the point of attack. We want them to possess great footwork that is needed to pull or pass protect.

An offensive lineman’s world is often times bulk categorized into this two areas of run blocking and pass protection. of course there are many fundamentals and techniques that go along with all of this. A third category exists for the offensive line that is often underworked if not completely overlooked.

The screen game is such an important part of many high powered offenses. There are many versions and they are often oversimplified. If you don’t understand them you would think the offensive line’s job is easy. You just let your defender beat you with his pass rush and then get out in front of the screen.

In today’s short video we explain how it is very important that the offensive line understands the defensive front they are facing as well as how to react in the open field on a screen pass. We also point out that this is why FirstDown PlayBook draws up every screen as if it were a run play. Learn more right here…

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