Wide Receiver Slant Route Details
By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 15, 2019

We wrote a piece here a few weeks ago about the importance of teaching the Go route first when you are installing your passing game. Our thoughts are based on the fact that everything should look like a deep ball route until it isn’t.

Today we want to talk about one of the most basic routes in football. The simple three step slant. Because it is so basic and essentially only involves three steps to do it correctly you would think that it is easily mastered. However, if you watch football on any Friday night you are sure to see small errors that turn into big problems (interceptions).

Today’s short video talks about some very basic fundamentals to consider as you install the slant route with your receivers thus 7on7 season. As we are always quick to say here at FirstDown PlayBook, we are not about coaching anyone’s football team but we think these fundamentals will help you this spring and even in the fall when we get there.


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