Wing T Inside Veer Drawings Shows How We Help You Teach
By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 15, 2019

All good coaches are good teachers or you can bet that they will not be coaching very long. At the end of the day what FirstDown PlayBook does is help football coaches teach better. Granted, we also help you get that done in a fraction of the time it normally would take you, but that wouldn’t matter if the product we provided you wasn’t exceptional.

As a football coach you have a lot of competition when it comes to your Generation Z players’ attention these days. Your players are constantly inundated with videos, games and many other types of stimuli that show up on their smartphones or tablets.

If you think that you are going to lay out a black and white PDF football playbook and keep their attention then you are dreaming. If you just give in and don’t even try to teach them with a playbook you are coping out to some degree and you are not meeting the criteria of being a good teacher. Almost all kids and especially young athletes are visual. To remove this from the process is a mistake.

If you don’t believe us then walk up to one of your coaching buddies and start talking about the blocking scheme for a specific run play and watch how long it is before he pulls out a pencil or pen and starts drawing. It’s what we do, plain and simple. We communicate through drawings and then we progress to videos, walk throughs and practice.  To take that away from the players is a recipe for missed assignments and mental errors.

When FirstDown PlayBook says that the new Draw and Edit tool was created “For coaches. By coaches.” it’s not just a catchy phrase. It means that we have sat in your seat and we understand the challenges that go into your daily routine. Today’s short video gives you a glimpse inside of one of your Wing T run plays to show you how we help you teach (and coach) to your full potential.


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