You In Or Out?
By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 16, 2017

Simply put, we appreciate the folks who have helped us build FirstDown PlayBook into what it is today. This has been a fun ride that is about to get even more fun in the coming months. You can only imagine the amount of work it has taken to draw over 30,000 football plays and provide coaching points with every single play in FirstDown PlayBook. A work of passion no doubt but work nonetheless!

We have always known at some point we were going to need to hand the chalk back to you and allow you to put YOUR signature on YOUR play but still allow you to start the process with our plays. Over the past two and a half years many of you have chimed in (some of you very loudly) making your case for how great it would be if FirstDown PlayBook would add editing capabilities to our website.

Well that day is coming and it is going to happen sooner than you think. Some of you might be thinking “Come on Coach, just get to the point” about now. Well that is the point. We are taking the months of September and October to reward our current customers before we announce the details about FirstDown PlayBook 2.0 with editing capabilities. Anyone who is a FirstDown PlayBook member or has ever been a FirstDown PlayBook member is getting a first shot at this and a very discounted shot at it.

Before we announce this to the general public we want to make sure that we are taking care of our core membership that has helped us get to this point. So if you are already a FirstDown PlayBook member or ever have been you might want to keep your head on a swivel for our weekly emails because once we open this up to the general public in November it will be at a different price.

If you are not on our mailing list and want to learn more about it then there is only one way to do it. You will want to join our mailing list by tapping on the football play drawing below and we will get you on board before the ship sails. You will not only get the benefit of getting in on FirstDown PlayBook 2.0 before we announce to the general public but you will get a whole lot of free football plays in the process!


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