Your FirstDown PlayBook 7on7 Route Tree
By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 12, 2018

There are a lot of different systems out there when it comes to throwing the football. One of the earliest challenges for FirstDown PlayBook when we started drawing football plays for you was how would we communicate with coaches across the globe when everyone uses different languages and systems.

We have worked hard throughout the years to come up with a fairly generic way to label plays either by visual help like with our tiles that we provide that allow you to see the play even before you open it but also with how we identify the play names.

A great example of this is the FirstDown PlayBook route tree. While we understand that there are many different ways to identify routes, the most common way is that all of the even numbered routes break inside and the odd numbered routes break outside. Also, the routes get progressively deeper as the numbers grow. An example is that a slant route is a 2 and a post route is an 8. A hitch is a 1 and and a comeback is a 5.

We have also gone a step further with our route tree section and taken the time to break the route trees into the different positions that you see below. Like the rest of FirstDown PlayBook, we will continue to add to this over time, but don’t let that stop you from using it right now to help get your 7on7 football team all on the same page this spring!

Check out this short video to learn how the FirstDown PlayBook route tree section can help you as you coach up the following positions:

  1. Wide Receivers

  2. Slot Receivers

  3. Tight Ends

  4. Running Backs

With each one of these positions we have designed a route tree just for that position and included short bullet points for coaching tips to help you out as you coach your 7on7 team!


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