Your Free Trial Is A Program Account
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 6, 2020

As more coaches are signing up for the FirstDown PlayBook webinars they are finding out that the free week trial is even better than they thought it was.

How so? Well the coaches who attend the webinar and are then rewarded with the one week free trial are finding out that it can help their buddies too.

That’s right. The one week free trail is not only for the coach who attends the webinar but also for anyone who is on that same coaching staff as well.

Ultimately, FirstDown PlayBook is at it’s best when coaches on the same staff are using this technology to communicate with each other. Our goal here is to get at least one of your coaches educated about using FirstDown PlayBook so that this coach can pass it along to the others on the staff.

This is why when you are on the free trial AND if you elect to sign up for the annual membership your entire football staff will reap the benefits! For those of you who haven’t had a chance to see how a Program membership works tap on the play diagram below and we will walk you through it.

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