Your Play or Defense Is Your Scout Team Card Too!
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 5, 2019

Did you know that when you edit a FirstDown PlayBook play or when you draw your own play from scratch that you are creating your scout team card too? This is news that will perk anyone’s ears up that has ever had to get a playbook or installation ready and then turn right back around and get the scout team cards ready too.

You see, once you hit the edit button with FirstDown PlayBook, or you are drawing your own play, you have four different versions of that play going at once. You have the ability to not only flip that play or defense horizontally but you can also flip that play vertically.

This means that as you are drawing your offensive plays or your defenses you are simultaneously drawing your scout team cards. Talk about a time saver. Do yourself a favor, before you start doing double the work again this season, and watch this short video that will completely change your thinking about how you create your playbooks, installations and practice cards!

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