Your Players’ Eyeballs Are The Path To Their Brain
By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 17, 2019

There is an old saying in coaching that goes “It ain’t what you know coach. It’s what your players know that matter.” This is normally used by a head coach as he explains to a young assistant coach that what he knows is not the measuring stick for a job done well or poorly.

There is not a football coach out there right now that doesn’t know his scheme and the details that go along with it. That’s great. However, the coach does not play the game, The ability to dissect your opponent and to come up with a great game plan is important, as is the ability to teach fundamentals and technique, but make no mistake about it. These two are only part of the equation.

All football coaches are teachers. (at least the ones that want to continue to be football coaches). The best teachers figure out how to reach the pupil, in this case a football player. Today’s players live on their smartphone and trust us when we say they are not looking at a flat black and white pdf drawing.

It is your job to get in the mix and provide content that they will want to look at because if you think you are just going to “demand” that they look at it and expect to be successful you will find yourself coaching the attentive 20% of your meeting room that may be less talented than the ones who you need to be on the field come game time.

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