Youth Defensive Terminology Has Moved!
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 6, 2019

The terminology involved with football can be confusing no matter what level of football you coach. Some of it is because football can be a pretty detailed and complicated game once you get a little granular with it and start describing the techniques and fundamentals for each position.

The other thing that happens is coaches start talking in terms that they think is universal (it rarely is) and they expect everyone else to be on the same page. This can cause major problems when it comes to communicating with your youth football staff much less your players.

FirstDown PlayBook is challenged with tackling the same problem as we attempt to help coaches at all levels and all over the globe. We have worked very hard to bolster the “How To” video section and we think you will be really excited when you see that.

Last year we created a Youth Football Defensive Terminology section as well. If you are a FirstDown PlayBook youth football coach you will find this terminology section is attached to every defensive area by front. In other words in the 6-2 defense area, the 4-4 defense area etc. If you are not yet a member (you should be if you want to save yourself a ton of time) the terminology section can be found right here as well or by tapping on the picture below.

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