Youth Flag Football Texas Concept
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 25, 2020

It can be hard to find flag football plays for your youth flag football team that are simple enough for your players yet complex enough to defeat the defense.

Many times the solution will involve a play that contains a scheme with a progression read but the routes involved short and easy to complete. Youth flag football coaches should realize that this is no slight to their coaching knowledge. Nor is it a statement about their team’s ability.

A close look at the NFL will reveal the same type of plays. These plays are often run on first down to stay on schedule or in a third and short to medium situation. The NFL coaches are counting on the same thing that you should count on, yards after catch (YAC).

Youth football coaches should not be intimidated by phrases like “progression read” either. This is just a term that tells your quarterback to read the receivers on a pass play one two three in that order. Essentially, your quarterback will throw the ball to the first open receiver.

Today we will detail a very simple but effective flag football pass play for any level of football. As we point out in the video, you can take this play and use the FirstDown PlayBook editing feature to conform this play for your team. After that you can create your wristband sheets and you are off and running!

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