Youth Football 5-2 Cover 2 Install
By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 2, 2018

FirstDown PlayBook did a little digging over the past six or seven days, asking as many youth football coaches as we could, if their league mandated that they play two deep safeties on defense. We were not really sure. We thought it could be a new trend in youth football that was being implemented for safety reasons.

We didn’t think that made a lot of sense either because all of the rules being introduced these days have the players lining up closer to one another, not further away. (ie NFL Kickoffs) The more digging we did the more we realized that there are not very many youth football leagues doing this at all and that’s a good thing.

The cynical side of us thinks that the people who make these rules up do it purely to make the game more exciting. Yes, watching and coaching seven, eight and nine year olds can be a little slow and low scoring but that’s all part of the process. If someone thinks it’s going to help the young players develop by spreading the offense out and then making the defense spread out and play deep too they are misguided.

The quarterback will be the best athlete on the field and when the ball is snapped the field will be defended  as opposed to defending the run game like you should in youth football. So yes we worry that rules like these are intended to make the game more exciting but we worry about “exciting for who?”.

Anyway, FirstDown PlayBook’s challenge is always the same. If you play a certain style of football, we may or may not agree with it but as long as it’s not dangerous to the players then we draw it up for you. Todays video shows how we went back in and did a little re-arranging with the new youth football two deep safeties defenses. So if you are in a youth football league that requires this here you go!

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