Youth Football 53 Defense
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 26, 2019

Nine times out of ten any youth football defense that you choose to run or that you will face is going to have eight or nine defenders in or near the box. The variety comes in the form of what front you choose to run and do you want to run man free or pure man coverage.

We have previously covered the FirstDown PlayBook youth football 6-2 and 4-4 defenses here on the Coaches Community website. Today we take a look at the 5-3. The youth football still aligned your defense in an eight man front. However, now defensive line will cover up the offensive center and the two tackles in some fashion or form.

There are plenty of variations off of the base front and it is a great front to line up inland look balanced, only to slant or angle one direction or the other. Today we take time with our youth football video to talk about the basic alignments and assignments for the 5-3. We also touch on the gap responsibilities and linebacker reads based on backfield flow and line blocking schemes.

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