Youth Football Chalk Talk #1 Power Run Game
By FirstDown PlayBook on May 26, 2020

It is every offensive line coach’s favorite play. Okay, maybe “every” is an exaggeration but not by much. The Power run is a staple of every two back offense and now even one back and empty formations are using it.

If you are a youth football coach you can quickly find yourself doubting yourself if you want to run this play with your squad. There are a lot of experts out there who will swear by their version of the play. They are also quick to point out how you are blocking the play incorrectly.

Tomorrow night at 9:00 ET, FirstDown PlayBook will host the first of our 2020 Youth Football Chalk Talk webinars. First up on the agenda is the sacred power play. We will break down the basic components of this play for youth football coaches who are beginning to prepare for the 2020 season.

We will also take it a step further and talk about a few simple variations that you can use. Just like last year, these chalk talks are for youth coaches looking for a little help. They are not for coaches who already have their answers and want to show the world what they know. Trust us, there are already plenty of places you can do that out there.

Below you will find a general outline of what we will cover tomorrow night. We will also take questions at the end of the chalk talk until everyone gets their question answered! We look forward to seeing you there!

Youth Football Power Run Game

  1. Two Back Traditional Power
    • Playside
    • Puller
    • Backside
    • Backfield
  2. Adjustments: Why & Why Not
  3. One Back Traditional Power
    • Advantages vs Disadvantages
  4. One Back QB Power
    • Best Of Both Worlds?
  5. Unbalanced & Heavy Formation Power
  6. Play-Action Off The Power Play

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