Youth Football Chalk Talk #10: Passing Game

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 28, 2020

Throwing the football can be fun. However, that is only if you complete the pass. Most of this depends on the person playing quarterback. That is why it is probably a good idea to look at how well your quarterback throws before you ever attempt one pass at the youth football level.

The odds are that there will be a select subset of passes that your youth football quarterback can throw. Get outside of that subset and it will just frustrate you, your team and your quarterback.

FirstDown PlayBook will host our tenth and final Youth Football Chalk Talk Wednesday night at 9:00 ET. We will focus exclusively on the different approaches a youth football coach can take when it comes to throwing the football.

As always we will answer questions at the end about the passing game and really any youth football coaching topic you have. Finally, if you cannot make it, don’t fret. All ten of your Youth Football Chalk Talks live on FirstDown PlayBook. You can go back and re-watch them at your convenience!

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