Youth Football Chalk Talk #9: Option Run Game

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 21, 2020

Can you run an option attack with your youth football team? Absolutely, but you better be good at eliminating the fluff. We will be all over this topic on Wednesday night, July 22 at 9:00 PM ET.

FirstDown PlayBook will crank up Youth FootBall Chalk Talk #9 as we dissect the option run game. We have all seen the tight precision option offenses that have shown up over the years in high school and college football.

What we don’t always see is how much practice time goes into making them look like the way they do. The good thing about an option attack though is the defense has to defend what you can do as opposed to what you are actually doing. Starting to see where this is going?

Be sure to sign up here to attend on Wednesday night and like we always say, bring your questions. We are doing this to help you the youth football coach, so feel free to ask any question you want at the end of the webinar.

Finally if you can’t make it don’t fret. We are putting every Youth Football Chalk Talk webinar up on the FirstDown PlayBook website as well!

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