Youth Football Chalk Talk: Tuesdays 9:00 EST
By Kendall Acho on May 28, 2019

All football coaches have questions. “I wonder how they block that?” “Is that defense sound against this offensive scheme?” Here at FirstDown PlayBook we get a lot of questions and a fair share come from youth football coaches. We do as much as we can to answer as many questions as we get but we were thinking that maybe there was a way to help more youth football coaches as we get closer to the 2019 season.

So, FirstDown PlayBook is excited to announce our upcoming Youth Football Chalk Talk! One week from tonight, beginning Tuesday, June 4th at 9:00 pm EST, we will be holding an interactive video web-clinic for youth football coaches. We are calling it the FirstDown PlayBook Youth Football Chalk Talk.

Each week we will start off by detailing some of the FirstDown PlayBook youth football offensive formations and defenses but the real meat of this chalk talk is about you. We will use the new FirstDown PlayBook Draw & Edit Tool to answer your questions as we go.

If you have questions then we want to hear them. Youth Football Chalk Talk will be hosted by 30 year veteran NFL and college coach, Charlie Coiner. Viewers like yourself will have the ability to ask questions by phone, email or our live chat.

Want to ask your question and stay anonymous? That’s fine with us. We just want to provide a place where youth football coaches can either call in, email or live chat to get their questions answered. Heck, we might get some of our questions answered by you! This is not one of those “Guru” web clinics where we try to show you how much football we know. Once again, we simply want to give you a place where you can ask your questions.

Each week, we will also reward a registered participant with a free FirstDown PlayBook membership for the 2019 football season! To register for the FirstDown PlayBook Youth Football Chalk Talk click on the play below! However, you don’t need to register to participate.


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