Youth Football Chalk Talks Resume Wednesday, May 27
By FirstDown PlayBook on May 22, 2020

Here at FirstDown PlayBook, this time of year has always signified when many of you begin to start making your youth football playbooks. You are the ones who understand that to truly enjoy coaching a youth football team, you need to get some of the planning done early.

As “The official playbook resource of USA Football and Football Canada we are once again here to help you create safe and strategic game plans this youth football season. Our goal is to help the busy mom and dad out there who wants to coach their team well but time is at a premium.

Today, however, we want to focus on a bonus offering from FirstDown PlayBook. Beginning Wednesday, May 27 we will resume our FirstDown PlayBook Youth Football Chalk talks.

We started this series last year. It was very productive and according to you it was helpful as you prepared to coach your youth football team. As you can see below we will take a different topic each week and cover it thoroughly.

We encourage questions and our goal is to help you with your youth football team, not to have a contest about who knows the most football. We let other webinars do that. This is going to be a novice coach friendly webinar each week.

The format will be slightly different this year as it will be a Zoom webinar. Please note that Zoom cuts off the attendance at 100 people, so be sure to tap on the banner below to register. We will give you a reminder text on the day of the webinar so that you won’t miss our first youth football chalk talk of 2020!

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