Youth Football Coach Lesson #1…It Ain’t About You

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 3, 2020

This is a partial re-publication of  a blog from last year but we want to share it and others over the next few weeks and months as youth football coaches across the country gear up for the 2020 youth football season.

We are also offering up some youth football X & O’s help on Wednesday nights at 9:00 ET. You are welcome to join us as we take one topic each week and dissect it for the youth football coaches in attendance. As you can see from the schedule below we have four more weeks.

It Ain’t About You, Coach.

This is lesson number one for coaches at all levels. It’s particularly critical to remember that it’s always about the kids when coaching a youth football team. Everything that you do when planning your practices or games should be prefaced with the question, “Is this helping the players?

It can be easier to say than do sometimes. We are all competitive and when the word “coach” gets put in front of our name there is a certain amount of power that comes with it.

Here’s a good way to help prevent abusing that power. The best coaches we have ever seen in our years of coaching always replace “coach” with “teacher” in their minds when they work with their players.

This will always help you stay focused on what you are really trying to get done. Regardless of if it is an intense practice or a very close competitive game, it must always be about the kids. It’s not about the parents and definitely not about you.

Over the course of the next several weeks we will take deeper look into some things that can help you as a youth football coach. You are taking on one of the most challenging jobs out there. Being a youth football coach is hard. Being good youth football coach is even harder. So be sure to check back here at the FirstDown PlayBook Coaches Community website for more help later!

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