Youth Football Defense Changeups
By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 1, 2018

At this point in your youth football season, your football team is beginning to settle in and begin to understand the ins and outs of your offense and your defense. Every coach has to monitor this because some groups just master the basics sooner than others.

If your defensive unit is still at a point where just getting lined up in your base defense is hard then our advice to you would be to continue to stay pretty basic, because as we have written here before, the one sure way to get beat on defense is to not get lined up to the different formations you are going to see.

If your youth football defense has mastered your base fronts and you have begun to add a few pressures to your scheme then this article is for you. As a FirstDown PlayBook member you know that we provide you with five different base fronts and then we fit those fronts up to twelve different formations.

We also provide you with some very basic stunts and pressures for each defensive fronts. If you are one of our youth football coaches who has advanced far enough to begin using the pressure packages we have provided for you then you will be interested in a couple of adjustments we introduce today. Today’s short video explains two very simple pressure adjustments you can make to the existing defensive pressures that might just make them even more effective!


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