Youth Football Defense Is About Numbers Too
By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 26, 2019

Call us old school, but here at FirstDown PlayBook but we believe youth football should still be about teaching the fundamentals of the game like blocking and tackling. We don’t think that designing your offense or defense off of what you see on TV is a good idea for you or your players.

Why? For starters, youth football is for the kids. Not 50% for the kids, not 90%, 100% of everything that happens is for the kids. What does the coach get? The satisfaction that the kids are learning football. They are learning how to play the game well and also how to play it safely.

This is why we are not big fans of spread offenses for younger players. In our opinion it is just an attempt to spread out a youth football defense so the quarterback or a good running back can run the ball for a lot of yardage and take the game over that way. For this very reason we encourage youth football defenses to stack the box regardless of what formation you are lining up against.

This means playing middle of the field closed defenses. This ensures that unless the offense brings in those wide receivers to block, they will always be short with numbers. However, we know that some youth leagues require the defense to play two deep safeties. (The league commissioner must be an offensive coach) If this is the case then FirstDown PlayBook has a section just for you too.



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