Youth Football Defenses Vs 12 Different Formations?
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 3, 2017


An NFL defense, a college defense, a high school defense and yes, even a youth football defense is only as good as it’s ability to adjust to all of the formations that an offense can throw at you. This is why FirstDown PlayBook takes a lot of time with every one of your youth football defenses to fit them up against twelve different offensive formations.

Talk about a huge advantage! Now if you get in a game and your youth football opponent surprises you with a new formation, you now have an instant adjustment answer right in your pocket with your smartphone. This is not to mention the peace of mind that goes along with this because when you install your defense, you have all of your adjustments already worked out before you coach your team.

This is not just for the base defenses either. FirstDown PlayBook gives you five youth football defenses. You will find these fronts in FirstDown PlayBook:

6-2      4-4      5-3      5-3 Bear      5-3 Under

Once you get to any one of these five defenses you will then find not only a base version fitted up against twelve offensive formations but also every defense has several pressures that are also fitted up vs the formations. Oh yeah, almost forgot that the assignments and coaching points are unlike anything else you will find out there for high school football much less youth football!

So enough jabbering here on our part. Take a look at this short video if you want or just get to FirstDown PlayBook now and start working. You can bet your opponents’ Offensive Coordinators are!


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