Youth Football Double Wing Formation Breakdown
By FirstDown PlayBook on May 13, 2019

Over the next several week FirstDown PlayBook is going to take you through our Youth Football offensive formations and defenses to breakdown the positives and the challenges that come with choosing any one of these for your youth football attack.

Before we go any further, please let’s be clear that we definitely think you you need to choose one or two formations that you want to run your youth football offense from. The number one mistake is to be all over the place with your formations and your plays.

We will cover as many as twelve different formations over the next several weeks. Please don’t try to use them all with your youth football team. Our advice is to choose one or two that fit your personnel and your team’s abilities and build your offense from that starting point.

Our first offense that we will look at is the Double Wing youth football formation. As you will see there are a lot of good football plays that you can run from this formation.

Before you do though we think you should watch this video and take notes because there are some things to consider before you start drawing up youth football plays out of Double Wing.

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