Youth Football Gap Protection
By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 15, 2015

fdpb-wide_400x100We had a question about pass protection for youth league teams the other day and one of our FirstDown PlayBook members accurately said that he did not see any pass protection help in the Youth Football section of our PlayBook.

At this point FirstDown PlayBook has all of our Youth Football pass plays drawn up with “Gap” or “Turn” protection. Our thinking is that run blocking different fronts is difficult enough but pointing out the Mike Linebacker for pass protection identification is something that can be challenging for a college QB much less a youth league signal caller.


We did see this coach’s point though because even Gap or Turn protection can be coached with a little more detail than just block anything that shows up in your gap. So we directed this coach, as we are about to direct you to the normal offensive protection section. One of the first protection schemes that we installed was a gap protection concept. We call it “Turn” protection and it fits perfectly for any youth coach or otherwise that wants to pass protect based on a gap scheme rather than a man.


Turn protection is really a great protection at any level if you are throwing a lot of 3 step passing game where the ball is coming out of the QB’s hand quickly. It is also effective vs defenses that like to move around and bring a ton of pressure. We used this gap protection scheme frequently when we played the Rex Ryan coached New York Jets as it was anyone’s guess where the defenders were going to line up on any given play.

So regardless of if you are getting ready for the Round Rock Eagles or the Buffalo Bills this week Turn protection might be for you. If you want to get the coaching points and learn more just bang on either drawing and we will take you to a free FirstDown PlayBook Turn protection page!

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