Youth Football Linebacker Green Dog Technique
By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 10, 2018

The very nature of playing defense in the game of football can at times mean reacting to what the offense does. Defensive coaches don’t like to say it that way but the truth is that everything the offense does from how fast they go, to what formation they line up in, to what play they run more often than not dictates what the defense does.

Essentially what we are describing is assignment football and good defenses do a lot of things well, but assignment football is right at the top of things they had better master. Man coverage is a great example of assignment football, regardless of the age group you are coaching. After all, if you have a man in man coverage and you do not cover them then it is a matter of time before bad things are going to happen right?

However, sometimes at the youth football level, where man coverage is probably the only coverage that is played, this assignment can be ingrained in the young players brain so much that it can render them useless on certain plays that the offense runs.

Today’s short video talks about the benefits of teaching your young linebackers the “Green Dog” technique that will allow them to be a force on the football play regardless of what the offense does…

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