Youth Football Offensive Line Splits & Levels
By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 24, 2019

When you are coaching the offensive line it is normally the little things that dictate if you are going to be successful or not. Offensive line coaches are notorious for leveraging fundamentals and technique as the cornerstones to their teaching.

Coaching a youth football offensive line offers a coach several challenges as you want to teach them the secrets of the trade but also must keep it basic due to their inexperience. Obviously one of the things a coach can do to help a young offensive line out is to not have too many plays.

Another thing to consider is how many different blocks are you asking your offensive line to execute properly. Most of the time you will be doing yourself a favor if you keep this to a minimum as well. Today we want point to something you can teach your linemen that they can do before the ball is even snapped.

Coaching offensive line splits and levels can often times be the difference in generating an effective run game and not. Today we will look at some simple ways to teach your youth football offensive line how to take advantage of their pre-snap alignments. Take a look at this short video to learn more.

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