Youth Football Reverse Trick Play
By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 23, 2018

By this point most of you have a few games under your youth football belt. If things are going the way they are supposed to, by now you have at least a handful of football plays that you consider your “Go To” plays, because your team is getting very proficient at running them.

You can bet that as the other coaches in your league hang around after their game to do a little scouting on you and your plays, they will notice the plays that you like to call also. This is no different than at any level of football. They will practice against those plays.  So as you continue to develop your youth football offense, this is the time of year that you definitely want to build in football plays that come off of your favorite plays.

Some of these plays might be simple counters that look like your base play but actually hit to the other side of your formation to take advantage of a fast flow defense. You also may have a play-action pass or a boot pass built in that allows your quarterback to take advantage of a cheating defense loading up on your run game.

Today, however, we want to talk about a third way to build your offense and that is with a trick play or two that comes off of your base plays. This past week FirstDown PlayBook installed a great example of this for your 2 Back Slot youth football formation. We break it down here in this short video to give you the coaching points for each position.


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