Youth Football Split Backs Counter Blocking
By FirstDown PlayBook on May 18, 2019

Every football coach has his or her favorite play, defense or special teams scheme. If you were to ask them about it they will go on and on about the advantages this scheme gives them and they are probably, for the most part, correct.

However, like any play or scheme there is a way to line up against it that can expose the weaknesses. That’s what makes football coaching so great. My friend Jen Welter likes to describe it as a “chess match with pads” and she is exactly right.

Here at FirstDown PlayBook we run into this all the time because we draw up all of our plays and schemes against multiple looks. This ensures that we are providing you will detail as you begin to coach your team but it also is a constant reminder that there are some plays and schemes that are better left in the coaching bag that week if you are going to be playing against a scheme that can hurt you.

Today we hit on that some with our youth football video that breaks down a split backs counter we have been working on. We also detail for you that you need to consider not only how you want to block your point of attack but also how you must make sure your backside blocking is sound or your play will never get started.

Ready to talk some ball? Let’s dig into how we block this youth football counter play up right here.


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