Youth Football Spread Formation Takes Shape
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 7, 2018

FirstDown PlayBook has been pretty vocal about the fact that if you are going to run a “spread” offense with football players twelve years old and younger you need to be careful.  Any time you spread the football field out you are assuming that the defense is going to spread out with you.

Unless your league has rules that require you to have two deep safeties then chances are you are going to get one safety deep and that player may not be more than ten yards off of the ball at the snap. Anyone who can count to eleven knows that the defense is going to have one extra player unless you involve your quarterback or do something to account for the extra defender.

FirstDown PlayBook is keeping all of this in mind as we install the new youth football Spread formation. We have spread the field out some for you and we are keeping in mind that you will more than likely have to account for the extra defender in or around the box in some other way than with your quarterback’s arm.

We think that going into a football game with good sound answers to your blocking schemes is something that will allow you to spread the field out some while at the same time have answers if the defense doesn’t give you two deep safeties. Today’s video explains this with more detail.


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