Youth Football Unbalanced Formations & Adjustments
By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 19, 2018

Football can be a strange game because sometimes in order to throw a monkey wrench into your opponent’s strategy you have to spend a lot of time preparing for this on your side of the ball. In fact, often times coaches end up finding out that the time they put into the strategy was not worth it in the long run because it overcomplicates the game plan and backfires.

However, there are some things associated with the rules of football that make a slight adjustment on the part of the offense a real pain for the defense. Lining up in an unbalanced offensive formation is one of these. Often times the unbalanced formations do very little to change any assignment responsibility on the part of the offense but it requires the defense to account for eligible receivers that typically don’t exist. It may even require that the defense designates a new center for the defensive alignments and techniques.

Add in the fact that you are coaching a youth football team and you don’t have the practice preparation time that you would in high school or above and you can have a real issue on your hands. This is why FirstDown PlayBook takes the time to offer up unbalanced looks for every one of your youth football offensive formations as well as providing unbalanced adjustments with all of your youth football defenses. Watch this short video to learn more.

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