Youth Football Unbalanced Power I
By FirstDown PlayBook on May 25, 2018

Your latest unbalanced youth offense formation takes on a new wrinkle as it involves a substitution with your personnel. If you run the Power I with two tight ends then it will be as simple as taking the weak side tackle and moving them over to the strong side between the normal tackle and tight end.

If you are running the version of the Power I formation that we have previously installed here on FirstDown PlayBook you know that we have a wide receiver split out to the weak side. In order to get an unbalanced line and keep your three backs in the backfield you just need to bring in an extra offensive lineman for  the wide receiver.

This unbalanced Power I will give you a lot of leverage to the strong side, and once again, the plays that we are installing for you should be effective if the defense adjusts to your formation or if they do not. Either way you should be good to go.

Take a quick look at this short video to keep up with the FirstDown PlayBook youth football installations that are going to make your world a whole lot easier here in about two months!

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