Youth Trips & Pro Unbalanced Looks Added
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 16, 2018

Your youth football offense section continues to grow and improve as we have added unbalanced formation looks to two more of your offensive formations. The latest two formations are the Pro I and Trips. Each and every one of these formations take on a slightly different scheme advantage when you adjust to include the unbalanced looks.

We have worked hard to keep the schemes simple for your youth football team because the last thing you want to do is to confuse your team with your own formation adjustment. For the most part we attack the strong perimeter in a couple of ways that are simple blocking schemes for you but dictate that the defense adjust to your formation.

If the defenses does not adjust you should have a huge numbers and leverage advantage to the strong side. If they do adjust your blocking rules should be very similar if not exactly the same as they are normally.

We also install a play back to the weak side in case the defense overcompensates to your unbalanced look. Finally, we include a pass play that makes the defense account for the weak side Tackle who is now eligible.

Today’s short video describes the new Trips formation an how the unbalanced changeup gives you an opportunity to get a lot of blockers to the strong side and in a way that the defense may not be able to adjust until the last second.

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