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6v6 Flag Football Zone Defense

by FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 18, 2019

Todays short video takes you through some considerations if you want to mix in a little zo...

WR Double Move Technique

by FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 17, 2019

You have to convince the lesser talented receiver or tight end that they cannot run the do...

Youth Modified Plays Blocked Up Vs Four Defenses

by FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 16, 2019

You will now see that FirstDown PlayBook has blocked your youth football modified plays up...

Punt Block Or Pass Rush…This Works

by FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 15, 2019

The "Twist" technique is not used exclusively for rushing the punt. This technique is exec...

Protect Your Empty Passing Game With Hots & Sights

by FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 14, 2019

If your Center and quarterback understand Empty protection it can be as solid protection w...

Four Man Rush Creates Saints Sack

by FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 13, 2019

The New Orleans Saints have been pretty hard to do much with this season with or without D...

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