+1 To The Box Julian Blackmon Style

By Will Cinelli on Jun 10, 2021

When an offense presents a bigger formation with tight ends and fullbacks, the defense is forced to adjust. Typically, their answer is to bring an extra safety up to add a number to defend against the run.

Normally, you would think that would be an advantage for the offense, to have a big guy block a little guy. But defensive backs can take back the advantage by using their athletic ability and playing on the attack, just like the Colts’ Julian Blackmon does on this play. 

Blackmon inserts into the box and is responsible for the strong-side B gap. He rolls into the box late and times the snap perfectly so that the LG completely misses him and focuses instead on the LB. 

Blackmon fires through the line aggressively and then does a nice job reacting to what he sees and adjusting the angle once he feels Derrick Henry start to go wide.

The DB then executes what can be a challenge vs. a big back, getting him on the ground. He does a very nice job firing through the near hip and wrapping up to bring down the ball carrier behind the LOS. 

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