113 Points…9 Turnovers…& This All 22 Tuesday Play Too!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 20, 2021

Have you ever seen a game with nine turnovers in it? We haven’t either and the reason is that we did not get the chance to watch the 59-54 (in regulation, mind you) first round NAIA playoff game between Baker and Olivet Nazarene.

Baker came out on top, despite having five of the nine turnovers. From all appearances, looking at the rest of the stats, the offenses were doing just fine when they did not turn the ball over. 113 points is another landmark that we may have never witnessed in our 40 years of coaching.

Our Twitter friends over at NAIA football served us up this play for All 22 Tuesday from the game. At first glance it just seems like your generic run of the mill throwback pass, but we think there is something unique about it that made the play go.

It’s hard to see what coverage ONU is in but one thing is certain. The screen side corner has to turn this football play back inside. However, as you watch the play closely you will see the running back sneaks out after the fake on a seam type route. This is a very slow developing play to allow this to happen.

This puts the corner in a bind as he deepens to cover him. By the time the poor corner turns back to take on the actual target #86, he has three hundred or so pounds of #66 in his face. ONU didn’t get much pursuit to the screen inside out either, so this play turned out to be approximately 10% of the Baker points scored on Saturday!

2020 NAIA Football Championship Series – Quarterfinal Schedule

Saturday, April 24 | Campus Sites

Game 1 – Baker (Kan.) (7-0) at Morningside (Iowa) (12-0)

Game 2 – Northwestern (Iowa) (7-1) at Grand View (Iowa) (7-0)

Game 3 – Concordia (Mich.) (6-0) at Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) (8-0)

Game 4 – Reinhardt (Ga.) (9-0) at Keiser (Fla.) (8-0)

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