12 Man Football Facelift

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 27, 2022

As FirstDown PlayBook continues to grow globally, our neighbors to the north are home to one of our fastest growing areas. We have seen growth in flag football, the 11 man football leagues as well as in the 12 man football area. This weekend we went in and gave the 12 man football section a bit of a facelift.

When you get into FirstDown PlayBook, the first thing you see is that there are a lot of moving parts. There is so much football in FirstDown PlayBook, and it all has to be organized. If it were not, you would not be able to find it. That would kind of defeat the purpose, wouldn’t it?

Last year was the first year we offered 12 man football help in FirstDown PlayBook. We solicited the experience and knowledge of former CFL coaches to get this done. It was a great start of something we plan to continue growing.

Check Out This 12 Man Football W Crossfire

As you would expect, there is not as much 12 man football content in FirstDown PlayBook as there is in the 11 man football section. The same could be said for any of our other divisions like 6 man football or 8 man football. This is not nearly the issue that it once was. Now that you have the ability to draw your own plays and edit ours, you have a deep database of plays to get started with. Defenses too.

The New “My Templates” Area Will Be A Big Time Help To 12 Man Football Coaches

This is why our new “My Templates” area is going to be a huge bonus for our 12 man football coaches as well. Now you will create your 2 or 3 man route combinations in that area. Yes, you will also have 4 man combinations too. Defense? Absolutely, there is a good base for any 12 man football coach to start with.

New!! Improved PlayBook Area! Take A Free Trial Here!

Two things I want to point out before we sign off. There is no special teams in the 12 man football section yet. We understand that we need to do this, and we will. The last thing is an invitation to you to report any omissions or mistakes you might find in this (or any) area. This helps us out immensely when we get your input. You can bet we get things corrected quickly when you let us know too.