12 Youth FootBall Formations. Choose Wisely!
By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 10, 2020

There are a lot of different ways to run a successful youth football offense. One of the biggest pitfalls a coach must avoid is to run a particular formation or offense because that is all they know.

As important as familiarity is about what you are running, it is still important to run an offense that your players can run. This is why FirstDown PlayBook offers you so many formations and football plays in the youth football section.

After you decide on which formations and offense is best for your team, rest assured FirstDown Playbook has your back when it comes to getting it taught.

Consider these points and then see all 12 formations in 16 seconds below!

All Plays are drawn with the new Draw & Edit tool. New BOLD look!

You can create your own PlayBooks from our plays or draw your own plays.

All plays still have coaching points and are blocked up vs six different defenses.

Defense? Of course. More about that later though.

You can flip all plays horizontally & vertically.

Yes, you can now edit or plays and draw your own plays from scratch if you choose.

We have made creating wristband sheets easy right inside the playbook area.

Take a 16 second look right now…

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