22 Personnel Offers A Potent Bootleg Pass Attack

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 18, 2018

FirstDown PlayBook knows that there are not as many of you who will line up with two tight ends and two backs these days but there are still some who do. We also know that this 22 package can come in really handy when you need two yards to get a first down or to grind out a four minute victory at the end of a football game.

Just marching 22 personnel out onto the field is an attention getter as far as the defensive coordinator is concerned. You can pretty much bet that he is going match your personnel and job one is going to be to stop your run game.

This is why the two 22 personnel formations that we just upgraded in the Firstdown PlayBook Boots, Nakeds and Waggles section have a tremendous amount of relevance even today in the spread football world we normally see. We upgraded and installed three new play in your 2 Back Shut and 2 Back Wing  boot pass section over the past several days in the Varsity section of FirstDown PlayBook.

One of the things we like about these pass plays is that they can really fit into a youth football offense as well as they can for the older players. Many of you youth football coaches still run formations like the ones we installed today. The pass plays that come off of these formations get your young quarterback outside of the pocket and heading towards the target and also provide a way to make yardage on the ground. Check out today’s video to see what we mean…


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