3 Improvements To FirstDown PlayBook PlayGrids

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 8, 2021

Your patience is being rewarded. We have fielded many calls, emails and texts about when the new FirstDown PlayBook PlayGrids would be ready. We understood how much you appreciated and used the PlayGrid function over the past years, so we felt your pain.

However, we also knew you would like what the extra time was being devoted to. Let’s take a quick look at three of the ways that this FirstDown PlayBook section is now better than ever.

1. PlayGrids Are Easier To Find

This was a “no brainer” for us. When you have something that you, the coaches, use a ton, why not put it where it’s easier to find? Your PlayGrids are now located on the left hand dashboard.

You will now see that “My Plays”, “My PlayBooks” and “My PlayGrids” are right next to one another.

2. PlayGrid Categories Are More Organized

How to organize your playbook information has always been near the top of FirstDown PlayBook’s priority list. We have taken this same thought process and incorporated it into your PlayGrids section.

Now you can easily organize your PlayGrids the way it makes sense for you and your program. Maybe it’s Offense/Defense/Special Teams? Whatever the case, you can now group and organize your PlayGrid categories better, faster and easier.

3. PlayGrid Presentations Make Meetings Easy

We understand that many of you print out your PlayGrids for your paper installations and PlayBooks. However, as more and more coaches get familiar with the FirstDown PlayBook PlayGrids section they are understanding there is much more to it.

With the new Presentation mode, coaches no longer need to create a powerpoint for your meetings. You just hook your computer up to an overhead projector and click on “View Presentation”. Now you are moving play to play or slide to slide back and forth as you conduct your meeting!

Watch this video to learn more!

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