3 Man Twist (Coached Well) Gets Home

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 22, 2021

Make your opponent think. A 3 man twist will nine times out of ten, slow a team down. The challenge is to do something that does not make your players think very much. NFL coaches are the very best at this. If you can create chaos and only have three of your players doing something different? You’ve got something.

FirstDown PlayBook has been reorganizing a lot of our content going into the fall and this pressure we drew up last year got us thinking. 3 is better than 2 if you have 3 that can think and execute. Let’s look at this 3 man pressure the Chiefs executed last year.

Once your linebacker (#55) lines up in the weak side B gap there is not a whole lot of consideration about him as opposite A gap threat. Add to this the fact that you have a twist going on inside as he travels.

Okay, high school coaches who are right now saying “My LB is never going to get home from there”. We would say that it will happen a lot faster than you might expect. Also keep in mind that often it is one of the penetrators who gets home anyway.

Get your Tackles or Nose and Tackle in wide 3 techniques. On the snap the penetrating 3 technique (#95) must be hell bent for leather to cross over to the far A gap and then penetrate. If two players are not blocking him this is his sack to have.

Your middle rusher (#92) must eat up the guard over him. If that guard over him can help with the twist this is all for nothing. Notice we have this player rushing with width to divert the guard from the actual twist.

Your linebacker has a ways to go, but coach him up on shortening the trip. a He needs to understand that the offensive line is coming to him. Meaning that #95 and #92 are creating a problem for the offensive line to the weak side.

Your coverage is 3 on 2 or 2 on 1 either way you slice it. You could even play 2 man coverage with this if you wanted to. Yes, #94 and #56 will have to peel if the RB’s release. We are betting against this.

Fantasy football if you are a high school coach? Maybe, but if you are going to grow you need to look at things with an open mind. FirstDown PlayBook is always learning and growing even after 40 years of coaching.

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