3 Reasons Youth Coaches Want Parents Involved

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 15, 2021

Your parents are going to be involved with your youth football program if you are the coach. Stop fighting it. In fact we think you should embrace it. Today we want to point out a few reasons how this can be a good thing.

Parents Can Help With Communication & Transportation

Have you already notified them about your practice schedule? Can everyone on your youth football team get to and from practice? The better coordinated you are with your teams’ parents, the better chance you are going to have to be practicing with your full group. If you are practicing without your best players or without a lot of your players then it defeats the purpose.

Parents Can Help Coach

Parents can be good youth assistant coaches. They are normally folks who just cannot or will not take the lead role with the teams’ coaching but will be more than able to help out as an assistant coach at practice.

If you are worried about having a parent around to be a coach then it is probably more an indictment about you than them. Set the ground rules early and you must know what you are doing . Yes, and be organized.

Of course, they should go through the appropriate certification procedures, but as we progress into how to set up and organize practice in the next few weeks, you will see how important it is to have help if you want your team to be constantly learning and working instead of standing around.

Parents Are Going To Be There Anyway

Look, don’t be insecure about what you are teaching or coaching. Your parents are going to be there anyway. Make them youth coaches. Give them accountability.vThey are going to be your ally or your pain in the rear.

Be very definitive about how you want parents to help you. One good way to avoid any confusion is to have Johnny’s parents work with groups that do not involve Johnny. If they are not willing to do that then cut bait right there and decline their offer to help.

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