3 Types Of Run Game Advice To Avoid

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 16, 2022

FirstDown PlayBook wants to take today to offer a “buyer beware” blog. Specifically, we are going to look at 3 types of run game advice to avoid on the internet. Why? Well after ten years of looking, we still see some of the same things we have since the beginning. In fact, it may be getting worse, not better.

You do not have to coach one down of football to offer football advice on the internet. Stop. Let that sink in for a second. The responsibility for understanding what is good and what is garbage lies entirely with the reader. What makes this really complicated is that there is some good information out there. The question for a young or new coach is how do you tell the difference?

We are going to focus on the offensive run game today. Our goal is to give you a few specific things to look for when you are getting football coaching help on line or really anywhere. Here are 3 types of run game advice to avoid if you see it.

1. Run Game Drawn Up With No Defense

If you every see this…run, run away as fast as you can. It’s the equivalent of giving directions from one town to another, but you just show the two towns with no directions on how to navigate the route. This is a red flag that the person offering the advice does not know what they are talking about.

Often times they will offer something like “It’s rule blocking”. There is nothing wrong with blocking rules, in fact you definitely should have them. This, however, does not excuse a real coach from drawing up the blocking scheme. That means the perimeter blocking too.

2. Run Game Drawn With Unsound Blocking Schemes or vs Only One Defense

We saw the Power play drawn up last week and the Center wasn’t blocking back on an A gap defender? Understand this. Defensive coaches work too. That play will never work. It looked good on paper but the 2 technique will make the play every time. There are parts of football that are common sense. It’s geometry. If you don’t put a body between the ball carrier and defender b

This is a good place to also note that your run game advice should have answers for multiple defenses. Odds are you are going to block they play differently vs a 3-4 than you will a 4-3. Once again, the rules will help here but sound run game advice will offer answers vs multiple defenses, even if the advice is to check out of the run play.

Teach Proper Blocking Angles

Players and coaches are normally very visual with their learning . That’s the reason you should consider a variety of ways to present it to your team. Having the play drawn up vs different defenses like the FirstDown PlayBook PlayGrid to the left is one good thought.

3. Run Game Drawn Up Exclusively vs 2 High Safeties

We see this at even the high school level. Maybe you have the next Aaron Rodgers and the defense is going to play you in 2 deep every snap. If that’s true you’re going to have a good year any way. For the rest of us the defense is rarely going to be that kind. You are going to have to block or have rules for a safety in the run game.

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We see it all the time though. Offensive coaches get up on a grease board and draw a run play up never mentioning what to do vs middle of the field closed or vs quarters coverage when those safeties are sitting there eight yards off of the line of scrimmage.

To repeat our earlier point, the burden of sorting out the good and bad football on the internet lies entirely with the reader. Do yourself a favor though. Remember these three things the next time you are looking for run game advice on line. Avoid them and you will be better off for it.