3×1 Mills (48) Concept Install

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 26, 2021

FirstDown PlayBook will install five new 3×1 Mills concept pass plays over the next few days. Like a lot of things with football, there are several different ways to call this concept. Some coaches simply refer to it as 48 for the In route with a post over the top. Others have entitled it the “Mills” concept.

Whatever you call it, this concept is hard on quarters safeties. In a world where defenses are forced to get an extra defender in the box, the safeties are usually that player. Offenses have countered with a variety of RPO’s that take advantage of this. However, the RPO game often does not produce the chunk yardage over the top that dropping back or with play-action can.

This Mills concept can provide you with that. If coached correctly, the In route or the Dig route runners understand that the best case scenario is if they get covered. Often times the quarters safety is not just aggressive on the run. They are also looking to rob any intermediate in breaking routes. They want to do this and play downhill on the run game at the same time.

When you combine this with the fact that many corners play with a slight outside leverage on the number one receiver, you have a recipe that allows for an explosive play down the field. It is essential that both Mills concept route runners sell the vertical threat first. The FirstDown PlayBook coaching points will emphasize that.

Why The 3×1 Formation For This Mills Concept Install?

Finally, defensive coaches are aware that this is a dangerous concept and to just run a two man Mills concept is not the most deceptive way to get it done. This is why we are going to base this install out of 3×1 formations. There are many ways that this formation can add the needed wrinkle. It hides the concept until it is too late to recover as a defensive back.

To access this new Mills concept install on FirstDown PlayBook go to the upper right hand corner to “New Installs”. By the end of the weekend they will be there waiting for you. Tap on the play drawing to get started!